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Kevin Robinson


Pastor Kevin arrived to Macon Road Baptist Church with 12 years of Pastoral Ministry. He and his beautiful wife Lauran met at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and have been married since 2007. Since that time the Lord has graciously blessed their family with five children: Elli, Emmie Elynne, Everlee, and Ezra (4 daughters & a son). Pastor Kevin’s heart is for the Church to know Jesus Christ according to His Word, and to grow in their love and faithfulness to Christ as the scriptures command. As an expositor of God’s Word, Pastor Kevin places a high priority on the Bible in both the preaching and practical sides of the Church. The scripture that best describes Pastor Kevin’s view in regard to his personal ministry at Macon Road Baptist Church comes from the Apostle Paul in which he states “ the grace of God I am what I am…(1 Cor 15:10).


Dr. Mike Haggard

Pastor of Education


Dr. Haggard grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in a non-Christian home. He enlisted in the U.S. Army after completing high school and was given a New Testament by a faithful Gideon at the Military Entrance and Processing Station in Oakland, California. He came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ after reading the Scriptures in this New Testament.


Dr. Haggard exited the military after his first tour to attend college full time. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Hyles-Anderson College in 1983. Upon graduation, he reenlisted in the U.S. Army and made it a career, retiring in 2000 at the rank of Major with twenty years of active service including combat service in 1983 on the island of Grenada and in 1991 in Iraq during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


God called Dr. Haggard into full-time ministry just prior to his military retirement. God led Dr. Haggard to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned an MDIV degree in 2003 and a PhD in 2015. Between earning his graduate and post graduate degrees, Dr. Haggard worked at the main campus at Mid-America as the director of development, the director of communications and the director of campus operations. Dr. Haggard became the director of Mid-America’s Northeast Campus, located in Schenectady NY, in 2014.


Dr. Haggard has worked on several church staffs and is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the International Bonhoeffer Society. He is married to Barbara and they have four grown children and eight grandchildren, two of whom are in heaven with the Lord Jesus. 


Jason Clendenen

Music Ministry

Jason was born and raised in California. The Lord blessed him to be raised in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until his early twenties that the Lord truly became the Lord of his life. He and his lovely wife Wendy married in 2001 and have been blessed to be able to serve the Lord in ministry together for the last twenty five years.
In 2020 they decided to move to Memphis to be near Wendy’s family and the Lord led them to Macon Road Baptist Church where they immediately found a church home. In October 2020 Jason was asked to oversee the Music Ministry of Macon Road Baptist Church and joyfully accepted.

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Chris McCloskey

Children's Minister

Chris McCloskey, originally from Scotland, began working at Macon Road in 2004.  He believes being a Christian is all the work of God. As a young child he was brought up by a Catholic dad and a protestant mom.  He went to Catholic public school through 4th grade.   His parents separated when he was 8 and then went to a non-denominational public school.  He began to spend a lot of time with his grandparents who lived about an hour away from his home. They had recently begun attending a “new” church – a Baptist church planted by American missionaries – and took Chris and his siblings when they visited.

Because of  American missionaries to Scotland, at age 10,  he accepted Christ into his life, was later baptized  and blessed by another American missionary who sent him “mailbox club” lessons to help start his Christian growth. From the ages of 10-16 he attended Bible camp in the summers (again staffed by American missionaries).  When he was 17, he got the chance to be a counselor at the camp. At 19, he started spending his summers at a Christian camp in New Jersey. This summer work resulted in him moving to the USA on a religious visa and ultimately getting his green card to be a resident.

Chris has worked in children’s ministry at MRBC since 2004.  He worked for 12 summers ministering in NJ to underprivileged children and 4 years full-time in the NJ State HQ of  The Salvation Army as Youth Outreach Specialist & Assistant Camp Director.

Chris considers it a blessing minister to children and have the opportunity to reach the heart, soul, and mind of children.


Bro. John Raiteri

Associate Pastor

John has  lived in Memphis all of his life. He was married in 1974 to Carolyn and they have three sons and seven grandchildren. At the age of 19, he was saved through the preaching of Pastor Frank Gassaway at Macon Road Baptist Church,in the Berclair area. MRBC is the only church that he has been a member of upon his salvation. Upon graduation from high school, he attended the University of Memphis and graduated in 1972 with a BS Education degree. His first teaching position was at the Berclair campus in 1973, the year that the school first opened, and  where he taught until 2009. At the end of that year, Pastor Wayne Webb asked him to consider coming full time on the church staff to help him in the ministry of Macon Road Baptist Church, as an assistant pastor to him. After 35 years of teaching at MRBS, he left the classroom, and has been serving the Lord as the pastor's assistant. He was already teaching Sunday School, but then he began speaking occasionally on Wednesday nights, ministering to folks and the sick, and basically doing anything to help in the ministry at MRBC. “God has been so good to me and my family,and I count it a privilege to have served our Lord at MRBC all these years. My desire is to continue to be faithful as Pastor of Benevolence & Education in the days to come as God continues to bless the work here now under the leadership of Pastor Kevin Robinson.”


Alisa Cunningham

Administrative Assistant

Alisa Cunningham started working for Macon Road Baptist School in June 2016 as the Director of Admissions. She meets with prospective families and assists them in enrolling at Macon Road Baptist School.   In 2019, she also joined the church staff as the Administrative Assistant to Pastor Kevin Robinson.  

All communication changes can be sent directly to Alisa at the email address above.

Wayne Webb

Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Webb preached at Macon Road for 44 years. He has personally supervised the building of eight school and church buildings during this time. Pastor Webb has also had the privilege of leading many people to Jesus throughout his life. He assists Bro. Kevin in any way he can.  "It was my task from God to lay a foundation for ministry here at Macon Road Baptist Church because the greater days are yet to come!"