What’s your perception of the bible? Is it a textbook for life? An old book of moral fables? Or is it the most compelling story ever told?

Over the years, people have attacked the reliability of the bible, but it continues to stand the test of time. Forty different writers wrote over a period of 1,600 years and produced the most historically reliable, respected, and resilient book in the world. You’re probably thinking this sounds far from captivating, right? Wrong. The problem isn’t that the bible is boring, it’s that it’s often presented in a boring way by boring people. In reality, the bible is an R-rated, high definition, surround sound movie full of love and tragedy, heroes and villains, victories and defeats. It speaks to our imperfection. It’s the greatest story ever told.

It's our goal to teach you how to have a priority time – a daily, unhurried, inspired time to read the Word of God to know the God of the Word. Reading the bible shouldn't be something you need to do, but rather something you love to do. Think you don’t have time to add one more thing to your day? We’re all busy. Reading the bible isn’t a time issue; it's a priority issue. How much time do you spend on social media or watching TV?

Having a priority time isn’t complicated – just open your bible and read! Matthew, Mark, Luke or John are good places to jump in. Start small. Aim for 10 minutes at first and let it grow from there. It’s helpful to pick a specific time of day so you begin forming a new habit. Find a place where you can be open and vulnerable before God and give Him your undivided attention.

The Word of God is the foundation of transformation. Your ability to believe and obey the Word is the difference between faith and faithlessness, hope and hopelessness, love and emptiness.